Rencontrez les festivaliers!

IM000964.JPG (28777 bytes) Photo: Paule, Longeuil 29/6/2003
"C'est une super activité a Montreal - festive - bonne humeur - c'est l'fun."
IM000967.JPG (33482 bytes) Photo: Ray, Niagara Falls 29/6/03
Louis Winsberg (Spectrum de Montreal)
"First time at festival. Having a great time. I'm very impressed with the spirit and elan of Montreal, a city I've always loved and the festival brings out the best that Montreal has to offer.

Only complaint is that my friend and I had a rather unfortunate experience with the security at the Spectrum where some young security people were seen to be throwing their weight around a little bit too much."

IM000968.JPG (28240 bytes) Photo: Marie Jose, Montreal & Robert, New Orleans 29/6/2003
"Lots of fun! The best place to be at this time of year."
IM000973.JPG (37110 bytes) Photo: Jennifer, Montreal & Jayson, California 29/6/2003
"Always coming back for the jazz fest!"
IM000972.JPG (31960 bytes) Rai & Bill, Montreal
"We enjoy the festival very much!"
Img00002.jpg (174074 bytes) Photo: Luis & Gabriel, Montreal 28/6/02
High Tone (Scene du Maurier, 22h00)
"High Tone is a very stimulating band… The energy created by their concert was a definite bonus for the jazz festival this year. The crowd enjoys the positive ambience created by High Tone’s melodies and musical arrangements. We really dig this music!
Img00004.jpg (372765 bytes) Photo: Karim, Senegal 29/6/02
"Je suis tres satisfait avec l’ambience en general du Festival de Jazz de Montreal. C’est tres cool de voir une telle foule dans cette petite ville. Le festival est une excellente opportunite de rencontrer beaucoup de gens de partout dans le monde car c’est un evenement clairement multiethnique."
Img00005.jpg (282858 bytes) Photo: Greg, Gary & Marc, Ottawa 29/6/02
"We are having a great time here today. We have the view of 3 different stages, lovely ladies…and all this while enjoying a cool glass of great beer! It’s a beautiful day to be here at the Jazz Festival!"
Img00006.jpg (309202 bytes) Photo: Keith Coom, Montreal 29/6/02
Le Dixieband (Scene La Louisiane, 16h00)
"Ceci est mon genre de musique. C’est un groupe musical tres enthousiaste… je prefere le jazz ‘straight’, comme celui de la Nouvelle Orleans, et non pas contemporain. Il fait soleil et tout le monde danse."
Img00007.jpg (348958 bytes) Photo: Helen, Maria, Karen, & Helena, Toronto 29/6/02
The SAQ tent/ restaurant
"This is our second time at the Jazz Festival and we’re loving it! This is a great spot because we are overlooking a stage with free shows, while protected from the hot sun. We can also enjoy the music while drinking good wine."
Img00008.jpg (341439 bytes) Photo: Dale, Toronto 29/6/02
"This is definitely a ‘must-come’ event. I’m enjoying myself very much. The food is wonderful and the fountain is definitely refreshing on a hot day like today!"
Img00009.jpg (297563 bytes) Photo: Eve & Lauren, U.K. 30/06/2002
"It’s our first time in Montreal… We think the Jazz Festival has been brilliantly organized so far. It is also impressive to see so many different cultures coming together!"
Img00010.jpg (251602 bytes) Photo: Steve & Anne, Toronto

" We think the Jazz Festival gets better every year. We have been attending the shows for many years, and hope to continue for many more to come."

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